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Sea Chips - Handcrafted UK Salmon Skin Chips (Salt & Vinegar)

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  • UK's first handcrafted salmon skin chips
  • The most protein packed snack you'll find - 62% protein for your workout nutrition
  • The perfect delicious zero carbs gluten free snack for your keto & paleo diet needs
  • Only 2 ingredients - salmon skin and salt

Seasoned with malt vinegar that wafts through your senses and a sprinkle of Cornish sea salt. 

Key Nutritional Facts

✓ Keto

✓ High in Protein

✓ Clean Label

✓ Sustainable

✓ 100% Natural


About Sea Chips

Sea Chips is a product focused but ethically led company on a mission to create a range of innovative seaFood products that are good for you and the planet. They have an exciting array of products in the pipeline, including our own range of smoked salmon with exciting infusions and even the eagerly anticipated Vegan SeaFood Jerky!