Why cold brew tea

Cold brew teas are smooth and not bitter, making it the perfect, healthy and refreshing drink to enjoy.

Light & Refreshing

Cold brew teas do not suffer from astringency and have lower levels of caffeine than hot brews.

They are also much sweeter and are not bitter. This makes them the perfect drink to enjoy all day, everyday.

The cold brewing process

Unlike traditional hot teas, you don't have to worry about temperatures and steeping times. For cold brew tea, simply add lukewarm or cold water and let it steep for a couple of hours. It is impossible to over steep a cold brew tea.

We recommend leaving it in the fridge overnight and enjoying it the next day - its that easy.

Not all blends are created equal

Cold brewing works better with certain teas and blends. That is why we have experimented with over 100 different combinations to find the perfect blends for you.

Live Healthy

One of our goals is to inspire healthier communities as we set out to create products that are not only healthy but taste good. By introducing unique blends that are naturally sweet, refreshing and net calorie free, our teas are a great alternative to replace unhealthy soft drinks in your diet.

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