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Sea Chips - Handcrafted UK Salmon Skin Chips (Lightly Salted)

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  • UK's first handcrafted salmon skin chips
  • The most protein packed snack you'll find - 62% protein for your workout nutrition
  • The perfect delicious zero carbs gluten free snack for your keto & paleo diet needs
  • Only 2 ingredients - salmon skin and salt

The first original flavour for all the salmon skin lovers out there. Simply seasoned to enhance the flavour, if you love crispy fish skin on its own, then this is the one for you!

Key Nutritional Facts

✓ Keto

✓ High in Protein

✓ Clean Label

✓ Sustainable

✓ No Added Sugar


About Sea Chips

We never wrote a manifesto or a mission statement, but if we did it would be something like this: Invent great coffee products so that more people can enjoy better coffee.

As food and drink consumers demand higher quality through simple natural ingredients, fewer additives, no preservatives, provenance and authenticity - there is an increasing overlap between the customer's and the barista's needs.

From the very beginning, we approached the business in a different way - we focused on products that did not compromise flavour, quality, or innovation.  We would aim our products at both consumers and professionals - blurring the lines dividing the two. As a result, Minor Figures products are equally at home in the aisles of a major retailer, and behind the bar at the best coffee shops around the world.  

The only constant is that all our products are 100% plant based with no added sugar.